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Favorite Places and Spaces

Posted by on October 25, 2013

I feel life even though it’s my third year at Wofford, I still hear of new places to go hang out at or eat at in Spartanburg. Just this weekend I found out that Spartanburg has a dollar theater that actually plays good movies most of the time, who knew!  So, I figured I’d take the time to share my top 10 favorite places and spaces in Spartanburg. (Warning most of them are restaurants, I can’t help it Spartanburg has surprisingly good food)

10. Climb Upstate

This is the local climbing gym. Freshman year I took the rock climbing interim which really sparked my love of climbing.  I always love heading over to the gym to relax and get some good exercise. And the people that work there are super great!

9. Goodwill

Goodwill shopping is the BEST and in Sparkle you never know what you might find you can always get great treasures:)

8. Hub City Farmers Market

I actually didn’t discover this until this year, but every Saturday a small farmers market sets up downtown near the Railroad and there’s lots of fresh locally grown foods and homemade jams.

7.Taco Dog

Sounds kind of weird but its like a Moe’s that also serves hotdogs, but better! Burrito bowl is definitely the way to go!

6. Cribs Kitchen

This is another restaurant that is definitely worth going to. My favorite thing to get is their pear salad but they’re also known for their burgers and sandwiches.

5. Broadway Bagels

A local Bagel shop that makes there bagels fresh every day, there Cheddar Everything bagel is to DIE for!

4. Mon Amie

This is a French Bistro on the East side of town, they make crepes and other yummy treats like Brie fries. A really good place to grab brunch!

3. The Rocking Chairs at the baseball feild

This was my absolute favorite study spot freshman year! Now that I live so far away from the baseball field I don’t normally put in the effort to make the 7 minute walk (yes I know how ridiculous that sounds) but every now in then I still go over there to get some of my school work done.

2. The Mariott

This one might seem a little strange I know, but I go to Newspring Church and this is where the Spartanburg location meets (for now permanent location coming soon!). Its the best place ever!! Not only is the worship and sermon great but the community in the church is the best I’ve ever experienced. This might seem a little weird because the church is so big, but I have such great fellowship there! You should really check it out Jesus is really using Newspring to change lives mine included.

1. The Coffee Bar/ Cakehead Bakeshop

This is my absolute favorite place to go and its located in the heart of downtown on Main street! Its a little ridiculous how often I go but I just can’t help it, it’s just so good. First you walk into The Coffee bar which sells Little River coffee and that is SO much better than Starbucks (just saying). Then once you’ve gotten your cup of coffee you walk to the back of the coffee shop and there is a bakery! Cakehead makes better cupcakes than any other place I’ve ever been and being someone who really loves cupcakes and who always visits the local cupcake bakery, that’s saying something.  My favorite is their Salted Caramel, but you can’t go wrong with anything at Cakehead. The whole atmosphere of the Coffee Bar is just really great I like to meet there for different meetings or just to chat with friends, and I also like to do homework there (I’m normally super productive). Basically if you come through Spartanburg and don’t stop here you’re doing yourself an injustice, it’s really just that good.

So next time you stop in Spartanburg try a couple of these places you won’t be disappointed!


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