my new home !

My initial thoughts after landing in Berlin were not as panicked as I was expecting, however, I was very hesitant to speak in German and was thrown off and how to get to IES because our program people did not come to pick us up from the airport. I was a little overwhelmed because I had issues with my luggage and I was unsure where we were going to get our luggage because there was no baggage claim sign, which threw me off.  I also did get lost on the way to the taxi stand but eventually made my way to the IES Center. My host family is not a stereotypical family; I live with three different couples, three kids (nine people in total), and everyone was very welcoming when I came home! The kids were all very animated because they had a new person in the house and were joking around with me and really made me feel like family! With traveling to a country that speaks a different language, I did not have reservations, however, I was skeptical when it came to my spoken German and with how I would adapt and whether or not the locals would be able to understand me; the two-week intensive language study we had definitely helped me gain some confidence in my German, and I can already see and hear an improvement in my German and with how confident I am when I speak it! I am very excited to see what these next six months bring!

here we go!

Studying abroad was something I knew I wanted to do before I had even decided on what college I wanted to attend to, and after seeing how easy and accessible Wofford makes studying abroad, it was a no brainer for me that this was where I wanted to go to college and study abroad! I chose to study in a German speaking country because my German major requires it, but I chose Berlin specifically because one of my main goals with studying abroad is to improve my German, spoken and written. I also would like to live in a big city after college and study abroad is a safe and risk free way for me to see if the city life style is for me. I come from a very small town in South Carolina so I’ve never gotten the city experience so hopefully living in Berlin for almost 6 months will help me realize if the city life is for me or not! I’m most concerned about whether or not I have enough conversational German to get by for the first few days; to help with this, I have been practicing my German using duolingo so hopefully it won’t be too bad! My biggest goals with studying abroad are to improve my German, to become more independent, and to fully immerse myself in the culture to get the authentic German experience! Via my internship in the summer, I hope to network with potential future employers and get an idea of how life will loook after graduation when I have a job and become a part of the work life. I’m very excited to see where this next chapter leads me!