First Two Weeks in Prague

Dobrý den! My name is Paulina Veremchuk and I am currently studying abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. I have had an exceptional time and experience settling in at my new home in Prague. I signed up to be in a homestay and have had an amazing time so far. My host mom’s name is Radka, and she truly makes me feel like I am at home. She makes me and my housemate Kaya comforting dinners at the end of the day and that has made the transition to a new country much easier. She is ready to ask any questions we have and even buys us breakfast food items.

Day trip to Kutná Hora with CIEE.

Radka is a home away from home. I was very apprehensive and worried about moving yet Prague has been everything I have dreamed of. I am just a twenty-minute commute from school and enjoy every moment of my walk to school. The CIEE building is located in one of the most beautiful and historically important locations in Prague: the Vyšehrad fortress. It took me a couple of days to locate where the essential necessities were and get the hang of the public transportation, (which is AMAZING by the way). After that short period, I was able to smoothly acclimate and learn the layout of where I was in Prague.

My beautiful room!

It has been a week of classes in Prague and I enjoy every single one. I added a Czech language course for fun because it seems like a necessary and beneficial course to have during my time here and when I come back to visit Czechia in the future. The CIEE program is a perfect fit for me academically. It offers courses and opportunities such as teaching English to Czech elementary students that I will begin on Monday. Overall, I have had a great two weeks and am excited to see what the future holds in Prague. Na shledanou!