Day in the Life – Copenhagen

Take a look at a day in my life at DIS CPH!

My classes are held Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday. Wednesdays have no classes for the entire study abroad program because our classes will do field studies, which are field trips. They have some relevance to the class. For example, my Danish class has been to City Hall and we are going to the ballet next week as part of our culture immersion. I have my Core Course, Medical Practice and Policy on M/Th afternoons. On T/F I have class 8:30am-1pm – Danish Language and Culture, Immunology, and Human Trafficking in a Global Context. This is a picture of my Core Course classroom ft. my professor Patrick and our collection of clementines. ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

Mornings look very different here compared to Wofford. I get up and get ready per usual but I walk 25 minutes to get to my classes everyday. I live next to Rosenburg castle so I get to walk past it every morning, and it is so beautiful.

Commuting is so different here also. Owning a car is very expensive in CPH as prices can be doubled or tripled from car prices elsewhere and parking is expensive. This is an effort to keep cars away from the downtown areas and to make it more pedestrian/biker friendly. Speaking of bikes, this is a very popular mode of transportation and you can find an army of bikes at every stop light waiting to go. CPH is not the place to try riding a bike for the first time because you will get run over by a bike; the locals will not slow down for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

M/F I usually have a slower morning since I don’t have class until the afternoon. This usually consists of a morning workout at the dorm gym and catching up on homework for the rest of the week. I cook a lot for myself so I go to the grocery store at least 2x a week since food has less preservatives here. It can go bad quickly so I only buy foods I can eat within a few days of buying.

I also have been frequenting many coffee shops here and trying all that I can. The coffee is amazing but the star of the show is definitely the pastries. So beautiful and so tasty! This was the best cinnamon roll!

When class is over, typically I have work to do as I am participating in research for DIS also. But on the days where I have more time, there is nothing better than getting out and exploring, especially when the sun decides to come out!! This is the Nyhavn Canal and she really is a beauty! It’s so amazing to be able to explore such a beautiful city! There are so many free museums or places that offer student discounts.

Every study abroad is different but my residence housing is similar to Wofford in that I share a room with one person. Some dorms here have 8+ roommates! My housing is also unique in that students from all over the world live here! Most are students at the University of Copenhagen but us DIS kids are sprinkled into the mix. My roommate is Olivia (on the very left), everyone say hello!

DIS also has the option of a visting host family; this is a family that you are able to see but you don’t live with. It allows you to have the dorm experience and host family experience at the same time. I am so grateful for this because I get to do and see some amazing things as well as create a relationship with the sweetest Danish family. Some things we have done thus far: multiple museums, dinners at yummy restuarants, and this picture specifically is from a Brรธndby IF football game! My first European soccer game! It was amazing!

Everyday here has new adventures and sights to see! I can’t wait to explore some more! Until next time!