How’d you like to celebrate the start of the semester by attending a ball at the Hofburg Palace, the former Imperial Palace? Well that’s exactly what I did during my first week in Vienna. ‘Cause why not?

Evidence so you know it is the real Hofburg Palace
Would you like to dance some waltz?

The first week in Vienna was like vacay. I was exploring the city, going to IES events, and orientation (where they told us all about study abroad in Vienna). The second week was the adjusting week; adjusting to my German Intensive class (which is four times a week), into a routine, and learning to balance schoolwork vs wanting to explore the city. Also, figuring out the simple things like using the metro and grocery shopping. For example, my first time at Hofer (aka Aldi) I made five circles around the store trying to find eggs with no success. Afterwards, I was told that the eggs here are not kept in the fridge and were located in some random aisle.

My room in a shared apartment
Where IES Classes are located; in a Palace
This is one of the classrooms

My apartment is much nicer than I expected and the best part is that I got my own room. However, every apartment is different. Where I have only three roommates, other people have six.

Although I’ve only been here two weeks, I realize the best part of studying abroad in Vienna is that you can brag about going to class in Palace Corbelli. It’s still crazy to me that one of the classrooms was probably someone’s living room, but here I am now studying a course, like the Business of Wine, in the same room. The fact that we get access to a place like this is unbelievable.

Auf Wiedersehen for now!