Pre-Departure Thoughts

Oh wow! It’s here already! It doesn’t seem real that I’m going to be leaving everything I knew behind to live in another country for four months. I decided to study abroad in the first place because of Wofford’s great international program. I thought it would be a shame if I didn’t take advantage of this opportunity. Plus, if I can save my parents some money then there isn’t a reason why I shouldn’t go abroad.

I chose Seville specifically because it lets me accomplish a couple of things. First, I can complete the study abroad requirement for my Spanish major while I can make progress in my math major and my general education requirements. Second, I get to explore Europe for the first time! It’s something I have wanted to do for some time and there has never been a better time to do it than now, while I am young and can travel cheap. Third, my study abroad program ends a bit earlier than some other programs, which allows me to participate in an REU over the summer. That is, if I get accepted into one. Lastly, I can advance my craft (music) while I am abroad. Seville is known for its flamenco scene which offers plenty of inspiration for composing music. Hopefully I can find someone to teach me some flamenco guitar while I am there, if I can get my guitar through airport security (I couldn’t bring myself to leave without bringing an instrument 🙂 ).

A picture of the guitar I am bringing with me

I think the thing I am most worried about is getting the classes I want while abroad. I am supposed to finalize my schedule once I get to Seville, which is mind-boggling to me but part of the norm in Spain. Your typical student in Spain decides his or her classes a couple of weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Although it’s nerve-racking, I have advisors and an add/drop period to help out so I am sure it will be fine. Finding friends is another thing, but I am putting myself out there this semester. My host and the other student that will be living in the homestay with me will make excellent choices to become friends with.

A picture of me at the security checkpoint, guitar in hand

Update: I have made it through security with no issues and managed to get my guitar through. I am waiting to board now.

A picture of the aircraft I am taking to Spain

I am going to miss everyone. My friends and family most of all. Thankfully it won’t be forever until I see them again. They will be on my mind and in my heart constantly. See you soon Seville! (after a couple hours of sleep) America, I’ll be back soon. It’s time for this adventure to take off!