First Thoughts in Aix!

Studying abroad is a scary experience, but it’s so worth it!

After having officially been abroad for a week, I’ve experienced a plethora of emotions. Initially, I was overwhelmingly homesick, already calling my family constantly to count down the days with them. Studying abroad can feel isolating at first. You’re in a new environment with new people and in my case, I felt as though my support system had been ripped from under me. In my experience, there’s only one cure for this issue : MAKING FRIENDS!!!

The best thing you can hear in your new home is that you’re not alone! I didn’t want to feel cooped up in my own sadness so I went out and said hi to every single person I ran into. I met people and immediately started going to dinners with them and vacationing. It’s great to have people to explore with! You’ll feel less alone and more comfortable with your new surroundings. This is an opportunity to make life long friends in a way that creates lasting bonds with people you would’ve otherwise never met!

Homesickness is a terrible feeling, but it can be overcome! I’ve had the scariest and best week of my life, and with new friends and new knowledge, I’m finally ready for a great semester in Aix!