A Day in the Life Studying Abroad in Cape Town

Every day in Cape Town is different, which makes it super exciting. Spontaneity has been very important in this experience but I have found it necessary to establish a routine while I am here. Creating a routine while traveling long term has provided me with a sense of normalcy and comfort even when things are a little uncomfortable. Some things I have tried to imbed into my spontaneous days to make my time here more sustainable/meaningful include going to the grocery store, going to the gym, journaling/reflecting on my experience, and leaving room for myself to just relax when needed.

Enjoying some journal time at Camps Bay

On the weekdays (Mon, Tues, Thurs) my day begins with class at 9:00 a.m. I usually meet up with some of my friends around 8:30 to walk to the study center together. The walk is usually nice and starting my day with some fresh air always makes me feel good. Class finishes at 11:30 and by then I am usually starving so I head back to make food or I go next store to Prashad (a vegan Indian restaurant) for a cup of tea and my favorite meal, Aloo Gobi. During this break is when I will usually hit the gym or exercise outside on the rooftop green space. Then if I have time I do some homework before my next class at 4:00 which goes until 6:30. Afterwards I head back to have a chill evening, usually meeting up with friends or ending the night talking on the phone with my family.

My View Leaving the CIEE Center at 6:30

Casual Evening with Friends

Sunset From the Roof Top Green Space

My days off are packed with adventure! On Wednesdays we usually have a CIEE coordinated co-cirricular activity and Friday through Sunday is up to us to plan. Coming into this experience I did not expect to make the connections I have, however, the friends I have made have had a real impact on my time here. They are friends I will have for a lifetime. We have done so many amazing activities ranging from hiking to wine tours. Sharing these experiences with like minded people is something truly spectacular. Below I have attached some photos our favorite adventures thus far, as I feel like words could never do them justice.

Waiting for an Uber after a Sunset Hike

Safari Selfie

Sandboarding at Atlantis Sand Dunes

Wine Tour in Stellenbosch

Climbing Waterfalls at Jonkershoek Nature Reserve

I have found my schedule to be the perfect balance between being a part of the community in Cape Town and adventuring! As I write this I only have two and a half weeks left of living this way, then I will move on to experience something new. Until then I will enjoy each and every day I have.