A Day in the Life

Welcome to a day in the life of a London student! I am living in a flat with four other students, one of whom is my friend from Wofford. Each person has a private bedroom and bathroom, and we share a kitchen and living space which looks out onto a courtyard. My flat is right across the street from the tube station where the Victoria line takes me into Central London. I ride this line for three stops before having to switch to the Piccadilly line, which I ride for six stops to the closest station to my classes. After getting off the tube, I walk roughly seven minutes to my school, making the total commute about thirty minutes.

Because I have my internship on Mondays and Thursdays, I only have classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. There are no classes on Fridays, as those days are reserved for field trips and make-up days. Once I arrive to school on Tuesdays, I have my first class of the day, a Shakespeare Literature course, at 9:30 am. I also have an Architecture of London class Tuesday afternoons, which consists of walking tours all around London to see different architectural monuments. On Wednesdays, I start my mornings with a Film Production class, followed by International Marketing and Management. Every other Wednesday evening, I have an internship seminar, as I am receiving class credit for the internship. Every night, I make dinner in my flat and either work on homework or hang out with my friends in one of our flats.

Although each class is only once a week, they all last roughly two and a half hours, with a short break in the middle. Because of this, I do not have very much free time until the school day is over, but when I do, I spend it either grabbing lunch with friends or trying to do some homework before heading home. Speaking of lunch, I normally have at least an hour for lunch every day, and I typically spend it either in the student lounge or the courtyard if it is a nice day.

The student lounge, complete with a kitchenette, seating, and a printer for our use.

I think the biggest difference in my daily routine here versus at Wofford is the commute. At Wofford, I could get from my dorm room to my classes in a five-minute walk. Here in London, I have to ride the tube to get anywhere, especially my classes. The total commute can take up to forty-five minutes, depending on rush hour, delays, or even line closures. Another big difference is the fact that each of my classes are only once a week. At Wofford, one typically has a class either every Monday/Wednesday/Friday, or another class on Tuesdays/Thursdays. I am not sure which structure I prefer, as both are very unique to each school and location. I am really enjoying my classes so far, and I am excited to see how the rest of the semester plays out!