Looking Back

Looking back, I think about all the things I learned and discover. I realize how lucky I was to experience a semester abroad and didn’t realize how much it would mean to me. Looking back, I think about all the people I met and my experiences with them. Looking back, i think about the atmosphere, the different feel for life, and the sense of freedom I had not experience before. Looking back, I realize the importance of studying abroad and the memories I’ll treasure and remember randomly throughout my life.

I think that the experience of studying abroad definitely taught me to appreciate all types of cultures. As a student who has Spanish background, I envision it to be similar and that I would feel comfortable because I already knew Spanish and knew some aspects of culture, well of my own culture. I could have not been more wrong. I learned so much regarding the Spanish language and explored a whole different culture that was not mine.

Additionally, I think that studying abroad has given me more confidence to tackle anything that comes my way in my last 2 years at Wofford. I think about my experience and realize that if I can combat being a college student in a foreign country with a whole different language and teaching style, then I can do it back home. Also I feel more comfortable to approach people I’ve never met and have conversations with them. The reality is that abroad I had to force myself to do this, especially if I wanted to build relationships and meet people.

After graduating, I think that I will always remember studying abroad as a special, unique experience. Of course, people travel all the time for vacations and such, but studying abroad put me in a different perspective. Every time I think about it now, I think about the little things and the experiences that caused the greatest impact on me. I cannot help but just reflect constantly the past 4 months. Sometimes I just think to myself “Wow, I really did that.” It feels like it was so short now, but so long while I was there. I randomly find myself thinking about the time in Barcelona and what I would be doing if I was still there. My time in Barcelona is such a heartfelt experience that I will always look back and remember.

An example of the little things/experiences would be celebrating my 20th birthday abroad with my host family.
Another little thing is I tried to collect postcards to all the different places I visited as memories to treasure.