Traveling While Studying Abroad

One of the best parts about studying abroad in Europe is opportunity to travel and for cheap! While I was abroad, I was able to travel to a total of 9 countries and 15 cities! Here are some suggestions!

  • Plan (to an extent)

Making a list of the few places you HAVE to visit while abroad is a good starting place. Planning some of those bigger trips early on once you get settled abroad means that you’ll have a better chance of seeing everything you want and for cheaper. Make sure to leave some weekends free to explore your host city or take spontaneous weekend trips to smaller places you haven’t thought about!

  • Don’t be afraid of solo travel

While there are several cautions to traveling solo, going on smaller day trips places by yourself is a great way to see areas and realize how you like to travel. 

  • Research transportation 

While flying throughout Europe is unbelievably cheaper than the US (as little as $35 roundtrip to go to a different country!), there are sometimes more manageable options. For example, I purchased a Eurail pass for all of my traveling throughout Italy which made it so much easier to hop on and off trains to visit where we wanted to go. Transportation varies within each country, so doing some quick google searches is always helpful!

  • Ask for recommendations 

Don’t be afraid to ask people for suggestions about where you’re visiting. While TikTok is great for some things, some of the best places I visited came from suggestions from other students who traveled there, hostel/Airbnb staff, locals, etc. Everyone wants to share what their favorite thing is and will love to help you!

  • Find the balance of living in the moment and taking pictures

Taking pictures and videos is not only a great way for you to remember the moments, but also a way for friends and family back home to share in the experience with you. I tried to only have my phone out for taking pictures and nothing else as much as possible because I often found myself caught up on my phone doing other things instead of enjoying where I was right in the moment. 

Traveling was one of my favorite parts about study abroad and is one of the things I am going to miss most!