Academics in London

Let’s talk about what the academics are like across the pond here in London! I am a double major in Biology and English and am enrolled in the London Health Practice and Policy program through IES. I take one class every day Monday-Thursday and have no class on Fridays!! Yay! I also have an internship that I work at once a week on Wednesdays. Each class I have is a 3 hour course, so it is long, but it is so nice to have only one class a day. As far as what my classes are like, I love them! Each course I am taking is transferring back to Wofford and going towards both of my majors. I am taking 3 courses that are Biology credits and one that is an English credit. At Wofford, my Bio classes are very heavy in homework, reading, quizzes, and exams. However, here, they are much more focused on class discussions, group projects, and presentations. This has given me a new way to view topics in Biology and health. This is the same case for my English class as well. We have lots of group projects and field trips, which are so fun! The English course I am taking is all about Shakespeare, which is fitting, as I am in London! I got the chance to see where Shakespeare was born and raised, and, soon, I will get to see one of his plays performed in his very own Globe Theatre. I am so excited!

I have truly learned so much in the short time that I have been here, both in and outside of the classroom. Perhaps some of the greatest lessons I have learned here have been outside of the classroom! That is the greatest blessing of studying abroad. I learn new things every day; things about the city, about the culture and traditions, and most importantly, I learn things about myself. I am excited to return back to Wofford and see my favorite professors, but I will miss how comfortable and open the classroom environment here in London has been. I hope to bring everything that I have learned here back to the states with me and can’t wait to see what I can teach others through my experience here.

Cheers! Riley