A Typical Day in London!

So, what does a normal day in London look like for me?

I have class Monday-Thursday, so this is what a typical week day would look like!

  • Wake up and get ready for the day!
  • Eat a little breakfast in my room.
  • Grab a coffee from Pret on my way to the tube station. (Pret is a very popular coffee and breakfast chain here in the UK).
  • Take the tube to class!
  • My classes all normally last 2.5-3 hours.
  • Get out of class and grab lunch with my friends, Megan and Ellie. We will either stop at a cafe or go back home and make something together.
  • My free time is normally dedicated to homework, taking walks around the city, reading in a cafe, shopping, exploring museums or art galleries, going to Camden Market (it is a short walk away from my housing), or just hanging out with my friends.
  • I normally choose to cook dinner during the week, but on weekends we will go out to dinner. Pub food is actually really delicious!
  • After dinner plans are normally dependent on the day – sometimes we end the night with gelato and sometimes we don’t. Hehe we have a shop really close to us, and, at this point, I think they know our orders by heart.

And that is way a typical day in my life in London looks like! Of course, it could look different depending on the day, but this is a pretty good outline. The time seems to move faster over here, so I try to fill my days with as much fun and exploring as possible. I hope this inspires whoever is reading this to get the most out of every day, whether here in the UK or not. 🙂