A Day in Rome

Buongiorno (good morning)! Today I’m going to show you what a typical day in my life looks like in Rome!

My Monday-Thursdays usually start around 9:00/9:30am when I wake up and make a light breakfast at my apartment. After breakfast I have a few hours of free time before my class, so I do things like running errands, catching up on homework, going grocery shopping, etc. Around 12:00 I leave my apartment to head to my 12:30-3:30pm class at the CIEE Study Center. The study center is only a 30-minute walk from my apartment so most people who live in my neighborhood walk to class every day. While there are public transportation options such as buses, metros, etc., almost everywhere I go is within a 30ish minute walk from my apartment. 

Some mornings are spent at a cafe enjoying breakfast and working on some homework
There is always some kind of street performer by my apartment which makes the walk to and from class entertaining!

The way my program is set up I took two classes for the first six weeks and then I switched to taking two new classes for this six-week period. This block I am taking Dawn to Dusk on Monday and Wednesday where I am learning about the history of how Rome was built. My other class is Food, Nutrition, and Culture on Tuesday and Thursday where we talk about anything from the connection between food and psychology to current Italian cuisine. Both courses have a mixture of lecture style classes and on-site activities where we go and visit a location that connects back to the lesson. These on-site trips are one of my favorite parts about classes here because I get to see parts of the city that I wouldn’t see otherwise. 

For my Food, Nutrition, and Culture class we visited the Jewish Ghetto and tried fried artichoke from an authentic Jewish restaurant
We visited the ruins of the Roman aqueducts for my Dawn to Dusk class

After class ends, my afternoons are spent at either a café with friends, working on homework, walking around exploring the city, catching up with friends and family from home, or enjoying some free time.

My walk home from class

My nights end by making dinner and hanging out with my roommates in our apartment. 

The common area in my apartment
This is my room which I share with two other roommates

While the pace in which my day-to-day life moves in Rome is slower, tasks such as homework, socializing, making meals, etc. is very similar to how my life is at Wofford. 

I have three weeks left in Rome before I am heading to London, so I am trying to soak in every moment I can with this time left!