Life in London So Far!

Hi, again, everyone! I cannot believe it is already February! Somehow, the time seems to move faster over here in the UK. I have been here for about three-ish weeks now, and I have enjoyed every second! My time here got off to a rocky start at the very beginning, with me having to self-isolate for the first five days of being here. However, it made me want to explore and adventure even more once I got out of quarantine! So, that is exactly what my friends and I have been doing.

Like I said earlier, the start of my stay here got off to a rough little start. However, when I was isolated those first few days, I had time to think, reflect upon, and process all of the feelings and nerves I had about being in a whole new country. I made lists of places I wanted to visit, sights I wanted to see, and, of course, the coffee spots I had to try while here. I think being in quarantine helped me to sort out all of the craziness that was happening in my head. I definitely had many concerns and reservations about leaving Wofford, my family, and friends for an entire semester – so this time to myself allowed me to truly process everything. I was able to find comfort in the fact that this semester might just be the best opportunity that I’ve ever had to really discover myself. Here, I could buy flowers on street corners and sit in coffee shops for hours on end, I could visit Buckingham Palace and then wander through the streets of Soho, I could shop at high-end thrift stores and then end the day with a yummy almond croissant or some chocolate gelato. My point is, that the freedom I feel here, studying abroad, is unlike anything I have ever experienced before.

I am going to include one of my favorite photos of life in London, so far. I hope you all enjoy the pictures, and I can’t wait to share more about my experiences soon. Cheers!