Exploration and Relaxation

Studying abroad in the movies is displayed as four months of constant motion. Let me be one of the many to tell you that that is Hollywood, and this is the real world. Just like college in the USA can be draining, so can the academics of studying in another country for a semester. Adjusting to life in a new country can be exhausting in addition to the stress of school. During my time here in Sweden, I have had many opportunities to explore this new city I am living in and have some time to relax and recharge.

Before the cold and darkness set in, I would take walks to the lake near my apartment to get some fresh air and some time to myself to think and breathe. There is also a gym beside our apartment that I got a membership at so I could let out some stress on the treadmill too. When I want to study or work on projects, I like to have my space to think and spread all of my materials out. I typically go to a café a few train stops away from my apartment. I love the basement of the café and try to grab the five-person round table for myself and all of my books. Sorry, not sorry other customers!

Additionally, I like to read one of the books I am reading for fun before going to bed. By doing this, I keep my eyes off of screens and disconnect from the world of social media. It also lets my brain begin to wind down prior to going to sleep. I have found it helps me fall asleep faster than when I stay up on my phone. Another way I recharge is by going to an infared sauna in the city to sweat out my stress. Such a great way to restart my week! Other students, I have found, also deal with the stress of school and moving to Sweden by taking time out of our days for themselves to either explore the city solo or sit at a coffee shop and catch up on work.

When I am not taking time to recharge, I can be found exploring the great city of Stockholm. I am a big fan of museums, and luckily, Stockholm has over 50 museums! My favorite museums that I have been to are the ABBA museum, Modern Musset, and the Vasa Museum. Stockholm also has opportunities to explore nature around every corner, so I can also be found wandering around the nature pockets within the city!