Love for Learning

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.”

– Malcolm X

At Wofford, I am a psychology major, and I hope to specialize in holistic wellness as a therapist or counselor. At DIS Stockholm, my focus is psychology, and I take Positive Psychology and Psychology of Loneliness. Only one of my psychology classes will transfer towards my major, and the other will count towards my general hours to graduate. Wofford’s psychology program focuses on clinical-based work, while I am learning to apply theories and topics to my everyday life. So, I am being educated in both academic and life lessons. A win-win!

I will always appreciate the academic experience Wofford has given to me over the past three years. I have learned more of what I am passionate about, psychology. It has allowed me to narrow what I would like to accomplish in the future. Wofford has surrounded me with successful, hard workers that put their studies first. I have learned clinical-based psychology regarding my psychology major, which gives me an even greater appreciation for the topic. Through Wofford, I have been immersed in the academic culture to prepare me for my future work and education. Most Wofford classes offer a structure based on lectures, homework, papers, and tests. 

In Sweden, I have been fully immersed in learning about the world around me, not just based on academics. My classes are based on discussion and participation; we rarely do lectures. Every Wednesday, one of my four classes takes a field study based on our studies. On Wednesday, for my Psychology of Loneliness class, we participated in an hour yoga session learning how to use movement to combat depression and anxiety. My Nordic art class time is mainly used to visit art museums throughout Stockholm and learn about the Nordic culture. Just last week, I traveled to Greece to study the well-being of the locals and what happiness means within their lives. My DIS professors value their students’ input, and most classes revolve around insightful conversations. There is very little homework because our grades are mainly based on participation, presentations, and papers. I appreciate learning in different ways, and I have enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone of public speaking. At least once a week, I have a presentation in one of my classes which typically would cause stress, but lately, I have enjoyed doing this. 

At first, I struggled with adjusting to a more flexible academic curriculum expected to have more participation and discussion. Now, three months into my semester, I am quickly speaking up and standing in front of my classmates. Having a small program helps create a sense of safety and community, which Wofford also provides for me. I have loved both aspects of Wofford and studying abroad in Sweden since they each have such different educating styles.

My Positive Psychology class visited Athens, Greece, to study the well-being and happiness of the locals.
My Nordic Art class took a visit to Moderna Museet.
My Positive Psychology class in Gothenburg, Sweden, trying their famous kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)!