Grace’s Stockholm Food Favorites

The Greasy Spoon is a go-to breakfast and brunch spot with a few locations throughout Stockholm City. The atmosphere is welcoming and cozy especially on a rainy Sunday morning. The menu ranges from a classic breakfast with eggs and bacon to unique apple crunch French toast. My personal favorite dish is the eggs benedict and fresh orange juice with a side of rosti which is like hash browns. Some other dishes I have tried are blueberry lemon pancakes and the simple stack of American pancakes.

Café Pascale is my favorite café to grab a cinnamon bun, a coffee, and a place to study. It is a quaint, local café on the corner of a quiet street in the city. In my opinion, Café Pascale has the best kanelbullar (cinnamon buns). The staff is friendly and talkative which makes for a comforting environment that feels like home. The café has community tables where you can hunker down and get schoolwork done.

Karla Café is just a ten-minute walk from my program’s campus. It is another great area to sit down and chat with friends over coffee and tea. However, I love their lunches. My favorite meal is a Caesar salad with a side of French fries and garlic aioli. You can’t go wrong with such a classic choice! The café is in a lively area of the city which is great for people watching. I can’t forget to mention Karla Café has a wonderful selection of desserts and pastries too.

Coçito is a restaurant I just recently discovered. Occasionally, there have been times where I miss food and need something to remind me of home. I have always loved Mexican food especially Chipotle, so I was disappointed when I realized it does not exist in Sweden. However, I have found a restaurant that closely resembles Chipotle. Coçito is a local place that has burritos, burrito bowls, tacos and so much more. The restaurant is never too busy, so I enjoy the calm atmosphere. My order is a burrito bowl with pulled pork, rice, beans, cheese, and with lots of toppings. So yummy!