A Swedish Day in the Life of Grace

In the mornings, my commute to school is peaceful as I prepare for the day ahead of me. I hop on the commuter train to Stockholm City and switch onto the metro. My program shares the building with the Royal Music College, it is such a bright and beautiful space. I even get to hear and see students practicing the violin or piano. My school day ends around midafternoon and that is when I grab Fika (coffee and a pastry). The campus is in a central location of the city called Östermalm, a lavish area and an abundance of shopping, restaurants, and cafes. 

My perfect day in Sweden would consist of:

Breakfast: My favorite breakfast place so far is STHLM Brunch Club. It is the best mix of typical American food within the Swedish atmosphere. It is a popular place, so getting there when it opens is a must, and waking up early is worth it. My favorite dishes are the eggs benedict with roasted sweet potato or their fluffy pancakes with bacon. And I can’t forget their oat milk lattes!

Adventure: I love museums. Luckily, Stockholm has plenty ranging from Scandinavian history, art exhibitions, to the ABBA Museum. The Moderna Museet, the modern art museum, has been my favorite. It was such an amazing experience to see Picasso, Warhol, and Matisse up close and in person. I also really enjoyed Skansen, a historical museum and zoo. I loved learning about Swedish culture and getting to see moose, bears, wolves oh my!

Fika: I cannot go a day without getting Fika, either by myself or with some friends. My go-to order is usually an iced latte (with oat milk – Sweden’s specialty) and kanelbulle, a cinnamon bun. You really can’t go wrong with any Swedish dessert. My favorite cafes are Karla Café, right by the school, or Café Pascale which is closer to my apartment. Both are quiet but bustling and making it an ideal study and people-watching spot. 

Exploring the city: Usually for me, exploring the city consists of walking around and window shopping. Östermalm is shopping central, busy, and constantly changing. This area is always lively whether you are looking to shop or find a place to eat. 

Dinner: Depending on the night, sometimes I will go to the city to eat or cook dinner with my friends. My usual dinner choice is most likely Italian food and luckily Stockholm has plenty of options. Once a week, my friends and I will cook dinner together which is always fun and a nice way to end my day.

Vi ses! (See you!)