Italian, Neutrals, English…Oh My!

Going from what some think of as being the “Land of Fried Food” to a place over 4,500 miles away, one might think that the food would be total opposites. Nevertheless, here I am, a little over a month into being in Stockholm, and I am surrounded by fast-food and Italian restaurants on what seems like every corner. Not much has changed in the food department when going from America to Sweden. Now maybe the portion sizes are smaller, but not by a tremendous amount.

Italy or Sweden?

Being someone who is slightly obsessed with clothes and fashion back home, I was beyond eager to see the street style of Swedes. In South Carolina, it is not unusual to see brightly colored clothes all year round due to the weather being nice (and unpredictable) for the most part all year round. In Stockholm, though, I have learned that black is the new black, and neutrals are something Swedes cannot live without. Jeans are another item that is on repeat here. Luckily, I heard from others how sweaters are a must and to be prepared to tone down my colorful closet before coming to Stockholm. Now I feel like a local when I pull my black turtleneck over my head in the morning and when I walk around in my wide-legged jeans. Oh, and my white sneakers. Neutrals head to toe!

At the Moderna Museet. One of my favorite museums thus far!

Apparently, I have a southern accent I had never been aware of until I got here. Not only has it been pointed out to me by peers at DIS, but it is getting in my way during my Swedish Language and Culture class when pronouncing certain words. However, I am just in luck because, for the most part, all Swedes speak English. Although I hope by the end of this semester, I will have the basics of the Swedish language down and will be able to have a small conversation with locals.

No matter what language you speak, you are sure to be speechless at the amazing views here in Stockholm.