Unexpected Things Becoming the Best Things

Hej hej, everyone! I am nearing my third week of being in Stockholm, Sweden, and it has already gone by so quickly.

My last day at home consisted of many mixed emotions: bittersweet, eager, nervous, and excited about moving to a new country for four months. My flight consisted of a short layover in Iceland, and soon I was off to Sweden. The bus ride to my apartment was around twenty minutes from the airport and during the ride I was able to meet some of the other students in my program and future apartment mates. When I received my housing assignment, I was slightly confused. My address was not in Stockholm. As I arrived, I quickly learned that I was about a twenty-minute train commute into the city. I was not too thrilled not to be right, smack dab in the city. However, after being here for almost three weeks, I have come to enjoy where I am living and really get to live life as a Swede! Living outside of the city is a great way to experience more of Sweden, navigate the train commute, and interact with locals. My apartment building is right beside a park, a five-minute walk to a lake, close to the grocery store and cafes.

Transitioning into my Swedish culture was both easy and slightly difficult. Most locals here speak English which was great for not knowing much of the Swedish language. Swedes have some unspoken rules; stay to the right on the escalator, little to no talking on the metro, things like that. However, learning these things were quick and simple. Only three weeks in, my friends and I are starting to blend in with the locals. It is such an amazing experience being immersed in a new culture and to learn all about Sweden firsthand.

Vi ses (see you soon)!

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