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Odd Items in Collections

Some time ago, Dr. Melvin Medlock and The Honorable Travis Medlock came to the archives to donate the papers of their father, the Rev. Dr. Melvin K. Medlock.  Rev. Medlock was a leading minister in the Annual Conference during the middle years of the 20th century.  This week, Travis Medlock visited to help me decide if a few items did or did not belong in the collection – items of a personal or confidential nature.  In looking through the papers, which are fairly extensive for an archives of this size, he found a letter which Rev. Medlock composed to the bishop of the time, Paul Hardin, Jr.

It seems as though Rev. Medlock was not pleased to be moved by the bishop from his appointment to a new church, and the church itself was unhappy.  Rev. Medlock expressed his displeasure by writing the letter, below, to the bishop.  I don’t know for sure if the letter was ever sent, and if it was in this form.

Perhaps it’s not obvious from the image, but this is a long piece of tissue paper – the kind that comes on rolls.

Now how am I supposed to preserve this?

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