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I Like Who I’m Becoming

“Oddly enough, recently I’m starting to see and embrace the person I’m becoming.” That’s just a short part of the group text that I have with some Wofford alumni brothers of mine. Sitting on my balcony that’s attached to our the Phase V apartment, I’m enjoying the scenery. But most importantly, I’m reflecting. Some of … Continue reading »

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Just Keep Smiling

This is always a weird feeling. Only a few days since the death of our friend Martha Cammack, we’re all just trying to make it through the day. My roommate and I both sat in Burwell (the main dining hall) on Sunday morning trying to process what we were experiencing. More and more people were … Continue reading »

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SCATE (pronounced just like SKATE)

The past weekend we had our first SCATE Night of the semester. SCATE stand for Sharing Creative Art Through Expression. SCATE is a student organization that strives to provide creative outlets for student artists. So our SCATE Night is a performance-based show were artists from all over campus showcase their talent to their peers. Luckily, … Continue reading »

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Be a Mentee

Over last week or so, it really hit me how much of an influence the that world around me has on my life. I’m talking about the people around me and all they have to teach me. The Wofford community is really big on giving back and serving the community. During my time here at … Continue reading »

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Why I Love Art Class

Things are busy at Wofford. There’s always something to do. For most of us, we make sure to manage our schedule so that we have time to do something that we love, something that takes us away from the busyness of everything else. Luckily, this semester I have an studio art class with Professor Kris … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Senior Year

Hey Y’all, First let me welcome you to my blog. I can’t say for sure what each of my posts may be centered around, but I hope to give you some insight to my life as I experience senior year here at Wofford. It’s been a crazy ride so far and now it’s senior year. … Continue reading »

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