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The Hunt

Posted by on March 10, 2014

“So what’s next?”

As a second semester senior, I hear this question so often. Honestly, it’s pretty nerve racking to constantly think about what’s my next step. Since 1996, I’ve always known that I’d be in a formal classroom at the conclusion of the summer. Now it’s kind of in the air. I can say it’s sort of the first time that most of us get to totally choose what comes next in our own lives. It’s scary as ****!

But it’s exciting as well. I originally thought I wanted to attend film school next fall, but that’s changed. I still want to go to film school eventually, but I just want a change from school. I want to try something different that’s totally new to me. The job hunt is like having another class to study and do homework for. Just like school, your final product is determined by the amount of time, work and effort that you put in. That’s the way I’m looking at it.

I plan to be in Atlanta after graduation. For me, it’s a new city with plenty of opportunities and resources. I’ve applied to a few tv and film jobs. I’m also looking at writing and communications positions. It’s stressful at times, but the key is being positive and learning to be active about the search, as well as going with the flow.

In talking to alumni, a lot people didn’t truly know what they’d be doing after graduation. A good bit of people didn’t stay at their first job after graduation. But one thing everyone had in common is that they each put their all into whatever it was they did decide to do after graduation. So I’m worried enough to keep the ball rolling, but I’m keeping my smile and positive outlook on it all. I’m more than confident that my last four years here at Wofford have prepared me for whatever is up next.

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