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Ideas, Inspiration and Awareness

Posted by on December 1, 2013

Working on a project or paper or anything can be frustrating. There’s coming up with the initial idea. There’s cultivating and focusing that idea. There’s initiating the idea and creating something that reflects the message of the idea you originally came up with. Then there’s making it perfect.

I have a lot of projects happening both currently and in the near future. I’m always thinking about these projects and trying to figure out how to perfect them to the best of my ability. The¬†frustration comes at any given time when I know the end result that I want but i can’t figure out how to get there. This goes for my art projects, film, essays, poetry, and many other things.

However, sometimes, things just click. ¬†In previous posts, I’ve talked about being a mentee and always learning. I want to add the advice to always be inspired. The reason things click is a combination of me always contemplating and being around people with great ideas. Often I run my ideas by my friends and accept whatever reaction and advice they have to offer, whether it’s good or bad. Being aware helps as well. I can remember plenty of times being inspire by some random act I witnessed or just being outside on a nice day. Sometimes it clicks.

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