Top 5: Favorite things about summer in Spartanburg

First of all, if I were tasked to come up with a top 5 list of favorite things, in general, I just might put top 5 lists on that list. If you like top 5 lists, and music, and romance, and comedy, then I highly recommend reading High Fidelity by Nick Hornsby – it’s full of … Continue reading »

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Springtime in Spartanburg

To a Wofford student, there are many associations with the spring season. SoCon tournament (NCAA tournament??), study abroad, Spring break, Easter, Spring Weekend, Spring Concert… It is a glorious season. Students are either exploring a foreign land, or on campus exploring just how busy a social calendar can possibly be. For a Spartanburger, as I … Continue reading »

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They call March the month of Madness, and it is. For many reasons. It is a month of acceptance letters, financial aid notifications, swarms of spring breakers visiting admission offices, and lots and lots of communication with high school seniors who are approaching the final month before the national decision deadline. It is a month … Continue reading »

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Now What?

For High School seniors, their parents, college advisors, and admission counselors alike, the phrase “it’s a wonderful time of year” does not instantly insinuate  the span of time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. No, there is another wonderful time of year, and it spans from February 1 to May 1. This span of time consists of … Continue reading »

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Cut it out!

Last Thursday I was invited to attend the Healthy Smiles “Laugh for a Child” event with a friend who had an extra ticket. The entertainment for the night was provided by Dave Coulier, who most of you will know better as Uncle Joey from the 80s/90s family sit com, Full House (See title: Cut it … Continue reading »

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Firstly, I apologize for the long hiatus from my blog. Call it application reading season, call it having less to write about this time of year, or what have you…  but it is a new year and time for some new posts! The snow has begun to fall in Spartanburg, which of course means that … Continue reading »

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A few thoughts…

It is crunch time for you college applicants. November 15 is generally a popular decision deadline, and with no exception, Wofford’s Early Action deadline is (usually) November 15. I say usually because this year is a little different. In case you are not a high school senior, the parents of a high school senior, a … Continue reading »

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From Simple to Extravagant

Greetings and welcome to anyone who has found or will find this blog. October 25 in the admissions world means that travel season is almost over for most, and just ending for some. It also means less than a week until Halloween celebrations (come on, we do have lives too)! For me, the official end … Continue reading »

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Some Halftime remarks

It’s been a while. My travels have taken me from Indianapolis, back through Columbus, to Detroit, Ann Arbor, Nashville, Knoxville, and now Johnson City. Most admission counselors, regional reps, and road runners probably know what I mean when I say that I have hit the mid-travel season slump. It hit me this past Sunday, after an … Continue reading »

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Another Travelin’ Song

Greetings from Indianapolis, The first week of travel season is coming to a close, and so far it has been a Midwest adventure (making stops in Columbus, Dayton, Cincinnati, and now Indi). Being from Columbus, Ohio; trips back to this land of milk and honey are really more like a homecoming, but at least I’ve … Continue reading »

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