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Written By: Scott Cochran - Feb• 17•14

Wofford student Carly Egan explains her Impact Program project to guests at The Space launch party, February 16, 2013.


One year ago, The Space in The Mungo Center was born. Our goal from the beginning was to create the most effective, unique professional development program in all of higher education. There’s been a lot of talk over the years about college students not being properly prepared for life after college, doubly so for liberal arts college students.

With The Space, Wofford College set out to completely rewrite the way students bridge the space between the theoretical and the practical, the space between college and life after college. Improving a “little bit” over how we prepared students previously wasn’t enough. We wanted to change the game.

Our programs are bold and put students right in the epicenter of the action. From working shoulder to shoulder with C-level executives on a consulting engagement to launching a business that will employ them the day after graduation, our students apply their classroom learning – and then some – in real world situations… not a simulated “real world”… actual real world.

Our students aren’t business school students or MBA candidates, they’re art history majors, psychology majors, English majors… we’re open to every student at Wofford (and we often get requests for help from students at other colleges that don’t have these programs).

Our coaching programs are delivered by a team that has been there, done that. We’ve hired, been to grad school, consulted and operated in the corporate, non-profit, and entrepreneurial worlds. We know what skills, abilities, and behaviors students need in order to be competitive and we teach those skills. Students who take full advantage of programs in The Space develop an arsenal of weapons that complement what they’ve learned in the classroom. The result: They are truly prepared for life after Wofford.

Which brings me to our team. Simply put, I’m fortunate to be a part of the greatest team in the world. And no, I’m not overstating it. They are smart, creative, effective, dedicated, and caring (I could go on and on). They take their work seriously but not themselves. They go above and beyond every day to help our students get better. There’s not another group of people who I’d rather work with day in and day out. So thank you Jennifer, Courtney, Jeremy, Lisa, Kelly, and Rebecca for allowing me to work with you on changing our small part of the world.

(We’re doing a lot of celebrating this week, and we’d love for you to be part of it. Details here.)

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