Procrastination, obviously something I was trying to avoid, since most of time is spent digging myself out situations i find myself in because i put off the responsibility for too long. Clearly nothing has changed, since i was supposed to write my first blog BEFORE I left for Austria and that did not end up happening. Let’s say that it’s because I spent my time packing. When I was thinking about studying abroad in Vienna I was excited to explore a city that most people believe is in Italy. FYI Vienna is the capital city of Austria, which is very much so separate from Italy. When I chose Vienna as my study abroad destination I had no idea where it was, let alone that it played such an important role in Europe’s history. German is the main language spoken in Austria, which I have never studied let alone heard the language outside of movies. So, to say that a language barrier would be extremely difficult to become accustomed to is an understatement. The most insecure I have ever felt is when I try to communicate with a culture and do not know the language. Embarrassment and awkwardness flood my emotions and my face turns as bright as a tomato. I am hoping to have the chance to connect with the local culture and have a chance to see what everyday life in Vienna is like, but without knowing their language I feel like I am doing a disservice to myself and the viennese people. However, my program includes a 3 week intensive German course, so hopefully once I finish the class I will be able to speak to the locals in their native tongue in order to better assimilate into the city.

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