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While I haven’t traveled much while abroad, I did go to the Spanish capital with IES for a three day excursion. And I’m quite in love. Coming from a small town I’ve really loved being in a city, especially one as vibrant and bustling as Barcelona, but the constant thrumming heart beat of such a … Continue reading »

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Surviving Midterms – Spanish Style

By all accounts I descended into a state of mental dormancy for the last month or so, if not to preserve my own sanity, to actually learn to focus on the here and now. Focus has never really been an issue for me, but anyone abroad will tell you that the greatest fear of any … Continue reading »

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Mi Casa es Tu Casa

I think everyone who goes abroad should live with a host family. Period. There’s nothing more immersive, and frankly, I don’t know how I would survive living in Spain without two square meals a day and a lovely set of Spanish parents to guide me. Picture this – you spend all day at school learning … Continue reading »

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Love in the Time of Political Strife

Hola, Welcome to the second installment of the eternal quest for WiFi. Obviously I’ve done a lot more than just search the city for free WiFi, but considering my homestay WiFi went out three times in the past ten minutes, it seemed like a relevant struggle to point out. My life is so full of … Continue reading »

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First Impressions

Well I did it… I packed three and a half months worth of clothes and supplies into two suitcases and schlepped from Charlotte, North Carolina to Barcelona, Spain in just about 8 hours, give or take the last minute dinners, tearful good byes, awkward encounters, and a few panic attacks. Just a few. We all … Continue reading »

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