The Start to my Shared Adventure

Posted by on February 4, 2019

Monday, February 4, 2019

Friends! Welcome to my first blog post. This is probably going to be a bit of a mess while I’m getting started. I meant to write a post before I actually left my home, but that didn’t happen so here I am sitting in the Houston airport (im)patiently waiting for my 7:20 pm flight to Auckland.

But I’m going to start this shared adventure a bit before the airplanes. Packing for 5 months and a few seasons was tricky but saying goodbye to my friends and family members was definitely harder. I know I’m going to see (most of) them again, but that didn’t stop the tears when I had to say goodbye to some of my dearest friends and all my family members. I got to visit my grandparents on Friday and I’m so glad I got to see them before I left today. The time I get to spend with the people I love is so important to me. I’ve never been good at saying goodbye, so each “See ya later, friend” // “Love you lots” // “We have to do ___ when I get back, okay?” // “Goodbye. I love you.” was emotional.

This morning before I went through security in Charleston. Gonna miss these peeps. <3

These next five months for me are going to be filled with so much adventure, learning, and growth that I seriously cannot wait, but it’s confusing to be this excited to go and so sad to leave at the same time.

I also don’t really think it’s hit me that I’m actually going to be in New Zealand in less than 24 hours. (If nothing goes wrong on these next 2 flights.)

But on to the fun stuff. This morning in Charleston was interesting, to say the least!

My flight was supposed to leave at 6:45 am. I boarded around 6:20 or so and made some new friends. One of our flight attendants wasn’t that much older than I am. She’s taking classes to become a Civil Engineer and is about halfway done with her degree now! Talk about impressive. I also talked to a man that’s going on vacation to Mexico. When he heard I was going to New Zealand we both got to gush a little at how excited I am for the opportunity and how much fun I’m going to have.

After everyone got settled we got news that we actually weren’t going to leave at 6:45 because of bad weather in Houston, and to say people were less than enthused would be a gross understatement. The line of people needing to change their itineraries was insanely long. (Lucky for me I just got to have a little shorter layover.)

Goodbye Charleston! See you in June!

The flight went fine after we got in the air, and, after following some advice from my new flight attendant friend, I find myself in Terminal B of the Houston airport. Between the bird that’s trying it’s best to taunt the faint of heart, the small groups of frenzied travelers that are sprinting to their next gate (I’ve taken to calling them Runners. Yes, every time they pass, my subconscious shouts “We’ve got another Runner!!”), the surprisingly large number of adorable children, and my people keeping me company through texts and phone calls I am occupied.

It’s also neat seeing so much diversity in one place. This airport is busy. I think I’ve heard at least 5 languages and seen more outwardly expressed cultures in the past few hours than I ever have before. Maybe I’m paying more attention to it now that I’m going to be entering a foreign culture myself.

I’ve still got about 5 ½ hours until my flight leaves, so I think I might watch some Netflix or go walk around a bit. 😊


Pro Tips for the Day:

  • Wear your sorority letters to the airport so you can meet sisters that are way more experienced in flying than you. They’ll help you out when you have questions. (Thank you sister from Wyoming whom I regretfully didn’t catch the name of.)
  • When things go wrong with flights, don’t overly stress yourself out about it. There’s not a whole lot you can do and getting upset with the people that work in the airport won’t make things get any better. (Y’all. When I said the line of people needing to change their flight because they got messed up by the delay was long I really meant it. Not everyone kept their cool.)
  • International flights are on different departure boards in the airport than domestic flights. (This might seem like a “duh, Reeves” moment but your girl has like no flying experience.)

Overall I’m rating this whole experience a solid 8/10 at the moment. We’ll see how things go on this long flight tonight and I’ll keep you updated.


Until next time,


Prov. 16:9

11 Responses to The Start to my Shared Adventure

  1. Lynn Goettee


  2. Judy Armstrong Causey

    Excited to “follow” you on your adventures!
    Go Terriers 💚

  3. Glenn Justis

    Glad you made it safe and have a great time. Interested in hearing all about it.

  4. John Foster

    I’m really glad you are doing this, and p[an to follow your whole adventure.enjoy!
    John Foster

  5. charlie drawdy

    Will keep up with you & looking forward to it!!–Love you & keep your eyes open!!CHD(wish I could have had this opportunity when I was at Wofford.)

  6. Jeanie & Chuck Malone

    So happy for you taking this awesome trip! Enjoy every moment! Will keep you in our prayers! The Malones!

  7. Gwen

    I loved your first epistle! What a great learning experience this will be! Love, peace and joy!

  8. MaryAnn Crews

    Reeves, you are an amazing young woman. I have loved reading about you and will look forward to your next post. I will pray that you have a great experience and for your safety. Have loved your parents and grandparents for a long time. Take care and have a wonderful trip.

  9. Rhonda Hardison

    Looking forward to adventuring via your blog. So thrilling to be young and adventurous especially when I am graying and have never been anywhere international. So go, enjoy, have fun, miss home and friends and family just enough to ensure that you return to us, experience the new and different, and let us oldies enjoy your experience through your blog posts!

  10. Ginger

    I hope you have a fabulous time! Be safe and aware of your surroundings! The Fants love you!

  11. Laura Tollison

    Enjoy your time in New Zealand and take lots of pictures! I am so excited for you!

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