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All Around the World I Go

Traveling to other countries while studying abroad is one of the greatest perks in my personal opinion. Its so much cheaper to buy a plane ticket from one european country to another, than to cross overseas from the US. My mentality going into study abroad was that this was going to be a once in … Continue reading »

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Free Time While Abroad

When you hear about college students what normally comes to mind? I’ll tell you what I thought of before I got to college…. LACK OF TIME! I had always heard that college kids would spend crazy hours in the library studying for exams, and pulling all nighters to finish a paper, and I thought this … Continue reading »

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Random Acts of Kindness in Aarhus

Phew! What an eventful week I had last week! It was core course week here in Copenhagen which meant I spent the whole week with only my positive psychology class. We spent the first two days in Copenhagen and then travelled to western Denmark Thursday-Saturday. It was an action packed week full of activities, laughs … Continue reading »

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Biking in Denmark

Public transportation is a way of life in Denmark and most countries in Europe. For Copenhagen in particular, biking is a huge part of the culture. I knew that I wanted to rent a bike for the semester so I could fully immerse myself in that aspect of the culture here. For the first few … Continue reading »

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Residential Living

To anyone reading this that is considering going abroad, first of all I most definitely recommend this even if it requires you to stretch outside of your comfort zone. I have only been in Copenhagen for a few days but I am already in love with the independence and self-reliance that comes with going abroad … Continue reading »

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T-minus 48 hours!!

This is totally insane. In two days I will be leaving the US to study abroad in Copenhagen for four months. I mean, I’ve travelled abroad before, and by myself quite a few times, but never for this long. I am both excited and nervous. I think the pre-departure jitters are starting to kick in … Continue reading »

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