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Posted by on March 13, 2018

Traveling to other countries while studying abroad is one of the greatest perks in my personal opinion. Its so much cheaper to buy a plane ticket from one european country to another, than to cross overseas from the US. My mentality going into study abroad was that this was going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity that I would be spending this much time overseas with the opportunity to take advantage of this. I knew going into this semester that I would want to be spending a lot of my free time staying in Copenhagen and exploring my own city rather than traveling every weekend, but I also knew that a big part of my abroad experience would be to visit other countries as well and expose myself to as many different cultures, peoples, and climates as I could (because let’s be real here…. Denmark is colddddd).

I had this very opportunity for my spring break in which I split up my week off going to three new places!! I had the chance to go to Belgium, Austria and Spain. My experience was amazing to say the least, and it was the perfect opportunity to visit friends studying in these places and get their inside scoop on the best things to do and see. I enjoyed spending time getting to know these other places and observe the differences between the cultures there compared to back home in Copenhagen. I definitely learned a lot!

There was also a new level of independence associated with all of this traveling, because I had to navigate foreign airports on my own, figure out how to get to my living situations, and tackle all different kinds of public transportation that I was not used to. It was a bit nerve-wracking at some times but left me with a feeling of accomplishment once I had figured it out. My overall experience was positive and I feel like it was a growing and learning opportunity for me.

I would recommend gaining traveling experience as well as taking advantage of this amazing opportunity to be able to go to other places while abroad because it is interesting to observe the difference not only between the US and your country of choice, but also between your country of choice and other european countries! It was honestly quite surprising how different each place I went was from the one before. You will gain exposure to various languages (and language barriers), get to try new foods, meet new people and experience cool landmarks! I will say that the “trying new foods” portion of my traveling experience was definitely the highlight (other than getting to see my friends of course). I can now say with certainty that Belgian waffles, fries, and chocolate live up to the hype (:

I attached some pictures of my experience! Check them out below ↓↓↓


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