Free Time While Abroad

Posted by on February 21, 2018

When you hear about college students what normally comes to mind? I’ll tell you what I thought of before I got to college…. LACK OF TIME! I had always heard that college kids would spend crazy hours in the library studying for exams, and pulling all nighters to finish a paper, and I thought this would be my reality for four years when I got there. I will say that college requires A LOT of work and time, but its not necessarily true that there is no free time!

At least, thats what I thought before going abroad. The amount of free time here though, is incredible. I feel like its a necessity! Obviously no one just goes abroad to take classes, though they are very important. Another major part of studying abroad is being able to explore a new place and immerse yourself in a new culture. If I didn’t have the amount of free time that I do, I feel like I wouldn’t have a chance to do this!

Got to see the lights at Tivoli the other night

I’m one of those people that would rather get up early for class so I can be done early in the afternoon and have time to do other things. I purposely scheduled my classes in this way so that I wouldn’t be stuck in a classroom until late in the afternoon. This was probably the greatest decision I made before coming here! In Copenhagen we lose sunlight around 5 pm (crazy right?) so I wanted to make sure that I would have time to see the city before the sun goes down every day.

I have loved being able to ride my bike to class and then go out and just spend my free time exploring, getting lost and finding myself in the process (:

Found the Danish museum of art and deign after class the other day

There is definitely more free time while abroad than there is back in the states but I also think this is because of how courses are taught here in Denmark. We have mandatory field studies on Wednesdays which is basically a field trip with one of your classes for just a few hours in the morning or afternoon instead of class. The best part? Not every Wednesday will have a field study (aka free day to go do anything)! This really breaks up the week nicely and provides an opportunity to catch up on work or go out and do something new.

I would say the free time while abroad is definitely a blessing because when else am I going to be able to do this in my life? I love that I can find a museum, art show or cafe to go to after class and have the time to really enjoy myself in this incredible city.

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