Biking in Denmark

Posted by on February 1, 2018

Public transportation is a way of life in Denmark and most countries in Europe. For Copenhagen in particular, biking is a huge part of the culture. I knew that I wanted to rent a bike for the semester so I could fully immerse myself in that aspect of the culture here. For the first few weeks I just took the bus and metro so I could get acclimated to where my classes were and just to gain a general sense of direction about the city. This week though, I decided it was time to go pick up my bike! The day I chose was perfect because the sun was out and the weather was warmer than it had been in weeks.

My bike

I spent the afternoon after class biking around the city and exploring. I ended up biking along the Nyhavn canal and found my way to the Amalienborg Palace square at exactly 2pm to see the changing of the Queen’s guards. I had wanted to do this but never knew where to go and just happened to bike there. It was such a different perspective seeing things on a bike rather than taking the bus or walking. I got to experience bike lanes and practice using the various hand signals to indicate turning or stopping.

Amalienborg palace

I will admit that I got lost trying to find my way home. I rode my bike all the way across the bridge to the other side of the city and turned a 20 min ride home into and hour long venture. It was worth it thought because I rode along the canal and got to see the sun set on the water. Getting lost on a bike is honestly kind of fun in a way. It’s a face paced environment in the bike lanes and there is not much room for error. Having to figure out how to navigate home in this manner made me really reflect on enjoying what I was doing in the moment, rather than getting worried or upset.

I made it home after a long and intense biking session through the city. I definitely recommend stretching outside of your comfort zone with these types of experiences while abroad. I am enjoying putting myself into new situations and immersing in the culture here in Denmark (:


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