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Posted by on January 16, 2018

To anyone reading this that is considering going abroad, first of all I most definitely recommend this even if it requires you to stretch outside of your comfort zone. I have only been in Copenhagen for a few days but I am already in love with the independence and self-reliance that comes with going abroad and living on your own.

I wanted to post about the type of living that I chose for the semester and what I have already learned/am enjoying about it! I chose to live in a residential community which is basically just an apartment that resides in a neighborhood where other Danish people are living. I live on the fifth floor of the apartment building and share a spacious room with one other girl! There are three total bedrooms on our floor along with a bonus room (tv, couches etc..) and a fully equipped kitchen. There are six people on our floor and we all share the common spaces and a bathroom. Here are some pictures of the apartment!

So far I have been having a great time in this living arrangement and have been getting along with my flat mates really well which is super comforting being so far from friends and family back at home. DIS did a really great job matching up personalities when assigning roommates. When we first arrived we went through the guidelines of living in this community and also came up with certain rules for our own floor to abide by so as to keep everyone happy. We talked through the issues that arise when sharing a kitchen and worked out a system for sharing, cleaning, cooking, etc… There hasn’t been a single issue yet and I think that the systems are working really well!

In terms of the independence of living in a residential community, there is a need for cooking. Unless you have the expenses to go out to eat for every meal (most people don’t do this) you are going to have to shop for groceries and teach yourself basic cooking skills, or learn from a flat mate like I did! This kind of independence is actually really fun because I have had to force myself to do things I wouldn’t normally do! Before getting to Copenhagen I had basically never cooked a real meal (mac and cheese/breakfast foods don’t exactly count) but I looked up simple recipes and figured it out myself. Another plus to cooking is you can make healthy alternatives! I often get sick of eating out after a while and crave veggies or lean meats which is why this is a great option. Here is a picture of the first meal I cooked myself!













Figuring out public transportation in a major city like this is also super necessary but fairly easy! I have picked it up quickly and am comfortable riding the bus (as long as my citymapper app is working). I highly suggest going to a city where there is major bus or metro systems as it is so different from Spartanburg and is helpful knowledge to have in the future if you were to move to a city that does require you to know how to do this!

I start class on thursday and am very excited to begin learning and connecting what I learn to new experiences but I hope this post is helpful for those looking to study abroad and trying to figure out living arrangements!

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