T-minus 48 hours!!

Posted by on January 11, 2018

This is totally insane. In two days I will be leaving the US to study abroad in Copenhagen for four months. I mean, I’ve travelled abroad before, and by myself quite a few times, but never for this long.

I am both excited and nervous. I think the pre-departure jitters are starting to kick in as I am currently packing. Man it is hard to stuff four months worth of clothes into one checked bag. I mean look at all of this!










I even had to use those space saving vacuum sealed bags to make room. In my defense, I will be living in an extremely cold country for four months and thick sweaters take up a lot of room (:

I am super excited to be able to go on this adventure. I cannot wait to meet new people, experience a new culture, and have to navigate public transportation in a major city (also a little nervous about this). I’m ready to tackle this test of independence and really delve into the warm, outgoing, and friendly culture of the Danes that I have heard so much about.

I am nervous about culture shock though. I try to tell myself that having travelled before, and already being a pretty independent person will spare me from the brunt of culture shock, but the reality is that I won’t be spared. I will probably get lost in this new city at some point, and I am sure I will experience some kind of homesickness, but this is okay. I have to remember that this whole adventure is a learning experience for me to grow as a person away from the confines of my small Wofford community, and away from the guidance and support of my parents and family. It will be a true living and learning experience. The mistakes I make, the people I meet and the boundaries within myself that I put to the test will all help to determine how memorable of a trip this will be.

I can’t wait to begin my life changing experience in just two short days, and I am excited for the endless possibilities that accompany me as I embark on this new chapter in my life.

Stay tuned for more posts about my experiences across the pond in Denmark!

Vi ses senere! (See you later!)



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