Initial thoughts and freak out moments

Blogs are a something of a foreign concept to me. I don’t read many of them, and I certainly have never written one. I hope that acts as a kind of disclaimer for what you are about to read. This is going to be a steady stream of my thoughts, opinions and observations over my journeys through Bolivia, Guatemala, India and Haiti.

Day 1: July 31 10:55pm-11:00pm

Here I am sitting on American Airlines plane on the tarmac in Miami after listening to the flight attendant go over the seemingly never changing safety procedures. I am freaking out to put it plainly. It has finally hit me ,after days of incredible indifference to the fact that I am leaving for five months. All alone. Because I am nervous, I am contemplating strange things, like what being ‘alone’ means to me. I generally enjoy some sense of solitary when I am around large numbers of people, like at school or when I am on a plane. However this time, I am yearning for anything and anyone as I sit in my empty 3 seat row. Now don’t get me wrong, I am really happy, ecstatic actually, that I have a whole row to myself so I can lie down and sleep for the next 6 hours. However, part of me is questioning, “What are you thinking?! What the actual is wrong with you?! You’re a closet homebody and you want to leave for a month alone in Bolivia and Guatemala? You can’t even speak Spanish beyond a survival level. Oh my gosh.” A brief announcement has just sounded over the intercom that we will be leaving soon…I continue to question my sanity until I finally get into the air and am forced to realize that there is no going back. Thus, a more positive pep talk is ensuing as we are now racing down the runway. It is surprisingly calming me down. True to form, I am ready at the last possible second… We are now in the air and I am finally starting what I am sure is going to be a life changing month.

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