Official Homestay Is In Vina Del Mar!

Posted by on August 30, 2012

Vina and Valpo are practically the same city, so some of us have homestays in Valpo and others in Vina. My homestay is near a girl in my program so we’ll probably travel together to class. Today we have THE DROPOFF.

The dropoff is where they give us a list of things to find and a list of things to discuss with locals and then just drop us downtown in Valpo. We have to navigate our way to certain places and then back to the hotel. I am luckily paired with Alex, a girl who knows a decent amount of Spanish, so it should be fun!

We went to the International Police, kind of the Chilean FBI yesterday to be registered in their database, and soon we will get our Chilean ID’s. Its a tough process studying here. We walked around the town and rode the “micros” (buses) for the first time, muy divertido!

Sorry for the short nature of these first few posts, but I haven’t had mucho tiempo para escribir. It’s been so busy here with this orientation stuff. In a week or two my posts will be longer because I will be in a homestay.

I successfully spoke enough spanish to ask about and then buy a Red Bull yesterday, and we have seen a few bars and had a few cervezas the past few nights. The coast is beautiful! The hotel is rad. And I will work on getting more pictures of the city, though I’m in no rush since I’ll be living here. The pics will most likely be on facebook since wordpress is weird.

Later Skaters.

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  1. Maria Purcell

    Glad you are acclimating to your new digs/country/language. Friend me on FB, please, so I can view your photos and live vicariously…be safe and have fun!