Day One!

Posted by on August 28, 2012

Been a long day. A very long day. We got to the airport and the reality that there are only two other guys in this program set in. The girls are nice, but it’s definitely a trip lacking in testosterone. Nick and Aiden seem cool so far though. We went out after lunch to see the city.

We went to this old castle kind of museum, and I was hit up for money from a gypsy woman who put leaves in my pockets and wanted me to open my wallet for her. No thank you! Was difficult to figure that out in Spanish, but I basically just walked away. Great first interaction haha.

Then we went downtown in Vina Del Mar and walked around some shops. We saw a mime performing in the streets, a didgeridoo player and a one armed juggler. Very crazy and active city, it’s awesome! And people skate everywhere…despite the less than ideal concrete and brick sidewalks.

We stick out like a sore thumb right now, but hopefully as our language and communication skills improve, we’ll fit in more.

We’re at this hotel for five days for “Orientation” and then we we’ll be put in home stays. Gotta keep working on Spanish because this is harder than I thought. But there are some great people in this program and some skilled Spanish speakers, so I’ll be alright!

Oh and I need batteries, but I got a power adapter!

Until later, Peace!

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  1. Julian

    Dude the same thing happened to me in Venice. A gypsy tried to hit me up for money too but she didn't put leaves in my pocket. Hope things are going well and enjoy your trip. You need to hit me up when you get back though pronto.