Quick Update: Weather and Final Days

Posted by on December 6, 2013

I know its typically a bore to talk about the weather…but I just can’t resist. Yesterday and today a winter storm lashed through Copenhagen taking out public transportation across the city of Copenhagen and throughout other regions of Denmark as well! I cycled home with ease around 4pm but if I had waited another hour, I probably would have ended up like the falling cyclists: http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=151_1386280417

In any case, I am safe and sound and had a cozy night of preparing for finals, drinking hot tea, watching Wallstreet (the Charlie Sheen version), listening to the wind whipping outside, and realizing that I had just finished my last and final day of class at DIS. It was sad saying goodbye to teachers I will probably not get to see for a long time, if ever. I was ready to say goodbye to the city, but I forgot I have to say goodbye to the people who made it special for me. I guess that’s the nature of studying abroad though. You never think you have to leave and then suddenly, departure is days away.

I still have a few adventures to look forward to. Finals, if that counts as an adventure, and a trip to Vienna, Austria next week to visit my friend Ashlyn Keightly. It truly is whiplash (without being too corny with weather puns) here in Denmark.

(Oh and a final comment on the weather–the sun is out from around 8:30 am until 3pm these days…that will not be missed when I return to the states. I know the sun sets early in the winter, but 3pm?!?)

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