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Posted by on October 25, 2013

I am over halfway through my program abroad. It is unreal! I cannot ignore the fact that I am moving through the semester because the season change is like a red alert. The temperature is dropping and the daylight is getting less day by day. Europe is painted with colorful leaves in every country I have been in. It is beautiful and cozy. Tivoli in Copenhagen is a Halloween and autumn dream with the whimsical decorations, hay-bell maizes and orange twinkling lights. With cider and my knit gloves, I am loving the new season here!

The main focus I want to share today is a huge take-away I have gotten over the past few weeks. When your’e in the city if you have a chance go see the country side.

Getting out is important because you can see the heart of a culture in a different way. In some sense, cities are cities. But when you see beyond the city, you better understand the people. As Wofford students, we can understand the value in smaller places.  

While with my class in London, we went to small town England–Totnes.

A view of Totnes, Great Britain

My classmates and I learned about the city which was buzzing in the 15th century because it was a major port city. We got to experience true English weather (it would rain with almost no notice, and then be sunny the next moment) and eat traditional English meals like Sheppard’s Pie and Sticky Toffee Pudding which is the most amazing dessert I have ever tried. Both were much better than the version’s that we ate in London. It was something I was not necessarily excited about at first because it cut my time short in the city, but afterwards I would not have traded it for anything.


My parents inspired me to leave my sweet neighborhood in Copenhagen and travel outside of the main city center. We saw residential homes much like where people would live in Spartanburg. I was not expecting that at all because I am so used to the apartment style living of the city center. We also saw no cows, which kind of surprised us because they are everywhere in the country back home. There were also a few famous landmarks I would have missed out on if I had never left my comfortable home:


Me and my Parents at Frederiksborg Palace

My parents outside of Hamlet’s Castle





It really opened my eyes to how big the city is and how much I could be missing out on by staying put.


That being said, our amazing experience going out of the city in Copenhagen inspired us to leave the city of Prague while we visited the Czech Republic. We went to the city that has now become a very sleepy town, but was once the buzzing hub of silver mining, making the area rich. What we found in Kutna Hora was beautiful scenery, delicious food, and a peculiar church. The Bone Church of  Kutna Hora was established because so many people wanted to be buried there. The grounds were said o have holy dirt scattered on the property. There was a surplus of people, so they decorated the interior with the bones of 40,000 people. Here’s what it looked like: 

By the end of the tour we all agreed it was one of our favorite days. Don’t fear leaving the city. As much as there is to see inside the business of Europe’s favorite places, there is plenty to see beyond them!

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