Shalom y’all!

Shalom! Since finishing my fall semester in Paris, I’ve been with my family in Savannah, Georgia, preparing for the next leg of my year-long adventure: my spring semester in Haifa, Israel. Haifa is a small city on the Mediterranean coast famed for its coexisting Jewish, Christian, and Baha’i populations. It’s about forty minutes from Nazareth, … Continue reading »

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UNESCO in Paris

Last week, I visited United Nations Day at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris thanks to some networking suggestions from family friends! I reached out to the Assistant Director of the Division for Gender Equality to ask for an informational interview, and she quickly responded with another suggestion – an invitation to UN Day and lunch … Continue reading »

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A day in the life

Now that I’m comfortably situated in a new homestay, I’ve been able to get into the swing of things and find a daily routine! Below is a description of a typical weekday for me. 7:00am (or 7h00 as the French say) : I get up, get dressed, and pack my bags. 7h30 : Breakfast (le … Continue reading »

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Living in Paris

This week, Kyle asked us to reflect on our living situations and aspects of our everyday lives, which was perfect – I had already started writing about this! In general, there are two housing options for students study abroad: homestays and apartments. I chose a homestay for many reasons, including the prospect of improving my … Continue reading »

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Belleville, Street Art, and Coexistence

Living in the 1st arrondissement, I’ve had a privileged experience of Paris so far. My house overlooks the Seine, backs onto Rue Rivoli, and is within walking distance of the Louvre, Saint Chapelle, and Notre Dame. Because of this, my daily commute and neighborhood exploration rarely features decaying buildings, graffiti, or social housing. This is one of the many reasons … Continue reading »

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Bonjour! My name is Meghan Curran and I’m a junior at Wofford. I’m majoring in French and Intercultural Studies and I recently completed the Middle Eastern and North African Studies program as well. This fall, I’ll be studying with IES in Paris, France. While there, I’ll be taking classes about French culture, immigration and diversity, and … Continue reading »

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