UNESCO in Paris

Posted by on November 2, 2017

Last week, I visited United Nations Day at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris thanks to some networking suggestions from family friends!

I reached out to the Assistant Director of the Division for Gender Equality to ask for an informational interview, and she quickly responded with another suggestion – an invitation to UN Day and lunch with previous UNESCO interns. Luckily, my IES professors and administrators were more than willing to accommodate this opportunity and helped me reschedule my last mid-term exam so I could go.

On Tuesday morning I arrived at UNESCO, made it through security, and met with the Assistant Director. She showed me around the UN Day activities, which included an interest fair for the various UN departments/goals/projects, and some speakers. After exploring for a while, we went to lunch with two of her former interns. This was a great chance for me to ask questions about UNESCO and the experience of interning with an IGO!

Visiting UNESCO was awesome and incredibly educational – I learned more about the organisation and had the opportunity to network with professionals in fields that interest me. It was also useful for practicing my French in a professional/work-based environment.

If you have the chance, attend a career fair, interest fair, or a company’s open day for a unique and very different experience abroad!

The office view of my dreams!

The networking never stops! (shoutout to The Space!)

Morning at UNESCO


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