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Posted by on October 30, 2017

Now that I’m comfortably situated in a new homestay, I’ve been able to get into the swing of things and find a daily routine! Below is a description of a typical weekday for me.

7:00am (or 7h00 as the French say) : I get up, get dressed, and pack my bags.

7h30 : Breakfast (le petit-déjeuner). My host family provides breakfast every day.

At my first homestay, breakfast looked like this


Now my breakfast is brioche toast with homemade jam and a yogurt and whatever fruit I buy for myself that week

8h00 : I leave for class. I now live on the west side of Paris, and my commute is about 45 minutes long on the metro.

9h00 : First class of the day! In the mornings, I have French or History of Francophone Africa.

“Midi” : For lunch, I either bring something or pick something up from one of the many fantastic cafés and restaurants on Rue Daguerre.

A student favorite is a boulangerie on the corner with fresh sandwiches and pastries!

A student favorite is a boulangerie on the corner with fresh sandwiches and pastries!


Afternoon class : In the afternoons, I have Poetics and Politics of Gender in France or Immigration and Diversity in Paris.

Afternoon pick me up : sometimes I desperately need coffee in the afternoon, so I’ll stop by somewhere for an espresso or café crème and a viennoiserie (pastry) if I’m feeling indulgent!

Cafe crème

Espresso with viennoiserie (roule aux raisins)

Ballet : Twice a week, I take evening ballet classes in the Marais for course credit!

19h45 : Dinner. My host family provides dinner three nights a week – usually Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

29h30 : sleep! After a long day of commuting and speaking, listening, and thinking in French, I’m always exhausted.


Other aspects of daily life in Paris:

Weekly groceries for lunches and dinners!

I love walking around the fresh market every Saturday in my quartier.

The view from my living room



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