Tu me manques, America.

Posted by on December 12, 2012

THIS WEEK IS TORTURE. Seriously, everyone else I know, abroad or stateside, is taking exams and packing their bags for home. I am mentally packing and not preparing for my exams that don’t start until….NEXT WEEK.

It’s like the holidays don’t matter here! The University kids are still in school. All i want to say is that it it rude and I don’t like it.

I’ve enjoyed my stay in France, no doubt, but enough is enough. I haven’t started getting gushy and nostalgic yet because my departure is still so far away. I miss America and I miss my family. I know I’ll be home soon but it is hard to remind myself of that because all my social medias are reminding me that the rest of the world will be home even sooner.

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  1. Dad

    At Southgate unit 4 I begin this weekend to prepare… For the return of my Little Bit! She has seen parts of the world and grow so at a faster pace and different trajectory than I had a s a Wofford student. While the venue has been different the lessons might be similar.
    A new understanding of her potential in the world has been opened and clarified for consideration. Yet she also understands the comfort and familiarity of her world in the US , in the South, and at home we I keep her pictures ever visible, her Spirit alive in my home and her heart in my heart.
    Soon, very soon my girl returns more of a woman and perch to realize the first actions of living into the responsibilities of being a member of the Watson Family Foundation. Much we are given, many responsibilities we have to lead and affect change in our worlds.
    Kilki I eagerly and anxiously will greet your arrival