Posted by on October 26, 2012

In typical blogging style, it’s almost been a month since my last post. But my week long vacation starts tomorrow so I’m ready to catch you all up and ride off into the sunset to further explore Europe.

Normandy, Cornouaille, Mont St Michel, I’ve been all over north western France lately! And while it’s been cold, rainy and foggy, I’ve seen some wonderful things, eaten some great food and made some fun memories.
First up was Normandy and the D-Day beaches. This was a cold weekend, but the history was really interesting and standing on Omaha beach was really surreal. Oh and I forgot my camera at home, also typical me.

Next up Cornouaille (pronounced corn-oooo-eye). This is considered “true Brittany” meaning that there are a bunch of adorable little towns, some where the people speak Breton an old regional language that is hardly anything like French because of the Gallic presence in Brittany throughout history. This excursion was more obscure in purpose, but ended up being really enjoyable. Highlights included:
Quimper, a precious city that everyone agreed needed to be further explored.
La Pointe du Raz, aka the western most point in France. On a clear day with place would take anyone breath away, but on the foggy, cold and rainy day of our visit the tumultuous waters and stunningly and surprising blue ocean still took my breath away. BONUS: I was as close to home as I’ve been all semester!
Locronan, the best city ever. Here I heard a couple speaking Breton, the bus was broken so we got extra time to walk around and most of the shops were open even though it was Sunday, and I had the best dessert of my life! It’s called Kouign-amann and I love it. Imagine puff pasty, drenched in butter, with a little sugar, baked. I’m going to be honest, my arteries said no, but the fatty inside me said yes. If you ever get the chance to try this dessert, do not pass it up. You won’t regret it. Kouign-amann. Seriously.

I looked into the distance and said “Guys, I think I see my house!” YAY!!

Me, Katie, and Sophie

And finally, the most recent, Mont St. Michel! went here last weekend on a day trip and it was really cool and fun! Not too cold and luckily it didn’t rain all day!

Mont St. Michel

And now, dear readers, you are all caught up on what’s happening with me! Oh wait, my mistake, I fell down the stairs just 4 days ago and sprained my ankle. But don’t fret, dear readers, all is fine and I’m headed off on vacation tomorrow with my backpack and my trusty bĂ©quille (that’s French for crutch)!

Au revoir!

2 Responses to THERE’S SO MUCH GOING ON!

  1. Emily Watson

    Oh Meggie- ouch! So sorry about your fall and hurt ankle! Do you have a support brace on it? Be extra careful on your travels this coming week! I love the blog- thanks for catching us up on your adventures in France. I am so looking forward to being with you there ( only a few weeks now!) Looking forward to adventuring with you and making some precious fun memories with you! I love you much!! xoxomom

  2. James

    Isn't the history in France just amazing? It really makes all of our text book learnings come to life and all of the hours reading and being tested worth it ! Keep hobbling around on those French stone streets-many, many great things to explore. Enjoy your vacation !!!! James