Tiring days, cold water, and emergency exits

Posted by on September 9, 2012

So I’ve got 2 weekends in France under my belt. And unfortunately only 2 runs in. I’m compelled to write a little bit about running this evening because a) I ran this morning and got terribly lost and b) Deep wrote about running in his blog that I was just reading (props twin!). I really like running. Nothing is better than going for a run with a perfectly crafted playlist and enough energy because the combination of the two give me a super power on the road and I can just fly, breathe and not think for a while. I’ve only gotten two runs in, both on Sundays and both not in my particular style; I keep getting lost and then having to think about how I’ll find my way. I have to think all the time here, you take for granted being able to turn on the radio of TV and do something else and understand it all. France is not like that for me…yet! A lot of energy goes into understanding what’s going on around me, responding to my host family or talking to my friends so by the time classes are over I’m exhausted and the prospect of dawning my running clothes seems like it’ll take too much energy. So on Sundays I’ve gotten dressed and gone out on my way before anything can tire me out, and it’s worked. But just to let all of you readers know, I’ll be running more soon!! Accountability is what it’s all about!

First weekend I went to a movie with my host mom. She told me it was a comedy… I didn’t understand most of the jokes but it wasn’t a bad movie. This couple opens a Private Investigator firm and uncover some freaky conspiracy stuff about a plastic surgery center, fountain of youth, drama type stuff. At the end people were popping like ballons and they turned a bratty kid into an old man on accident. The oddest part came after the movie though, you exit through what I would have thought was the emergency exit. I couldn’t get over it, but that’s just what you do here.

And this weekend I went to the beach. My host family has a house in a town named Cancale–Google it, it’s gorgeous. You could see Mont Saint-Michel from the pier and the tides are really significant! I’ll add pictures later, but around noon is the highest the water will get on the Emerald Coast and it’s great this time of year! SIKE, it’s freezing. But the French seem to think that swimming in cold water is great for your health, so I braved the chilly waters and learned about the fishing history of Cancale and that Robert DiNero might own a private island that you can see from the pier.

And now I am caught up! This week we are registering for our University classes so I’ll finally have a schedule and more time on my hands to experience and TRAVEL! Can’t wait!

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  1. Emily

    So the beach there was not like the beach here, more like a coast with a fishing pier? Running is good, getting lost is not- I know the urge to explore (and not think) got you there and I am glad you found your way back! I miss you here- I need to buckle down and move this body into routinely exercising- wish I had you here to do a 30min Jane Fonda with me…lol. Apple & Bop's 52nd anniversary was today (9/10), I remembered and sent them an e card. I will be putting TRAVEL! funds into your account, do I deposit into 'checking' – there are other options – so if it is not checking, let me know asap. xoxo, mom