Posted by on September 5, 2012

I had finally arrived. Paris at last! Or was it? I couldn’t tell. I don’t know if I was expecting to be able to see the Eiffel Tower from the airport of not but I spent a good 36 hours fairly unsure about where I actually was. Everything was was really a blur because of jet lag and the amount of French that was being spoken at me. I didn’t understand much, but I met my CIEE group and we signed our language contracts and promptly started speaking perfect French to each other…

Just kidding. I actually kept pretty quiet with my French in Paris. I think I was shocked by the other students competencies and feeling inadequate but I listened and made some friends using Franglais. I went to the Eiffel Tour (pictures to follow) and climbed all 669 steps to the second level! It doesn’t look as silver as I thought it was going to be but it’s very cool none the less.

Also in Paris there was a lot of walking and stumbling upon monuments. And when I say stumbling I mean that I didn’t have a camera. For example, as a group we walked to the Latin Quarter for dinner and I look to my right and see the Notre Dame Cathedral. Camera-less. At sunset. The same thing happened with the bridges going over the Seine with the Love Locks and the Seine at night. The Seine in the moonlight was probably my favorite moment in Paris. Simply put it was the single most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I cannot wait to go back. Three days could never do Paris justice and I want to assure my readers who have never been that it is better than I thought. The buildings are all old and pretty, the people are chic (cliche but true), and Camembert is fantastic.

Enjoy my photos of the Eiffel Tower, leave comments!

View from the 1st level, on the right you can see and very small Montmartre

View from the 2nd level with the Seine and a shadow of the Eiffel Tower itself!

This is a shot from an evening boat tour. The less exciting Eiffel Tower and more exciting beautiful French student tour guide with whom I am in love.

I suppose that last picture might need some clarification. In France they teach English English rather than American English and the result is French people speaking English and sounding Irish. This guy did a bilingual tour on the Seine, was hilarious in both French and English and had me thinking he was Irish the whole time. Oh, and he was super cute. But I left him in Paris, he belongs on the Seine for now and I belong…downstairs for dinner. Bon soir!

2 Responses to Paris.

  1. Dad

    Good plan
    Dinner …
    But go back to Paris soon
    You can explore many things in the city once you are speaking more freely and have had rest

  2. kate

    ha ha ha! that's EXACTLY how my daughter felt about speaking french when she was in paris! she felt that way the entire time she was there. she just met up with her buddies in paris, the ones that were with her when she was doing her semester there. this time around, she said she was amazed at how quickly everything came back! she made the strongest bonds with the girls that were there at the same time, and they get together every year. they share an experience no one else knows.

    while you are busy studying, remember part of your job there is to travel, travel, travel, and did i say travel on weekends. drink in as much travel and experience as possible. you will never regret doing that. be tired when you get back here!

    keep the blog up, glad your dad let us know about it! you go girl!