Packing list

Posted by on September 2, 2012

Here is a list of everything I brought to France. Just an unbiased and accurate list of things that I packed in hopes of reevaluating said list to see how well I packed.

Things to wear:
24 pairs of underwear
3 bras (2 nude, 1 black)
11 pairs of socks (4 running, 4 low rise, 3 wool/boot socks, 1 striped)
2 pairs of black tights
1 full body black slip
1 black bandeau
1 pair leggings
2 pj tees
1 long sleeve shirt
1 pairs sleep shorts
1 workout shirt
1 workout tank
2 pairs Nike shorts
1 pair long spandex
2 sports bars
1 workout
1 baseball cap
5 scarves
4 pairs of pants (1 black jeans, 2 blue jeans, 1 navy
2 skirts
3 white vnecks
1 black vneck
1 striped 3/4 sleeve top
1 black 3/4 lace-sleeve top
1 3/4 sleeve henley
1 white tank
4 long sleeve tops (3 vnecks, 1 crew)
1 lace front top
1 sheer going out top
3 nice tank tops
2 button down shirts
1 day dress
1 maxi dress
3 going out dresses

Things to wear when it’s cold:
1 over sized cashmere sweater
1 black sweater
1 long thin sweater
1 army jacket
1 north face fleece
1 navy heavy knit blazer/sweater
1 pair leather gloves

Things to wear on your feet:
1 pair black flats
1 pair gold flats
1 pair flip flops (shower shoes when need be)
1 pair white converse (walking shoes)
1 pair running shoes

Things you’ll be glad you brought:
Luggage tags!
Wallet (insurance card, debit and credit cards, euros, license, PASSPORT, call your bank to let them know you’ll be travelling out of the country)
Chargers (computer, phone, camera)
Computer, phone, iPad
International adapters
International alarm clock (already useful! I was in charge of waking up the girls in my hostel room in Paris)
Small first aid kit
Toothpaste and toothbrush
Retainers (I think my parents will appreciate this)
Travel size toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion
Book, French/English dictionary, French verb book, guidebook
Magazines (for the plane)
Hand sanitizer
Woolite packet
Make-up and remover
Nail polish
Face wash, contacts, eye cream, deodorant, moisturizer, etc.
Tampons (sorry boys)
Any and all prescription medications (call your insurance to get them filled for the months you’ll be away)
Cold medicine, antihistamine, ibuprofen, advil, tylenol, cough drops etc.
1 towel (for hostels)

Things to hold your other things:
1 small duffel for weekend trips
1 large purse
1 leather clutch
1 small crossover bag
1 backpack
1 money belt (because I’m that cool)

Things to make you feel at home:
Crystal light packets
1 gatorade packet
dark chocolate
2 pillow cases
Neck pillow

Because I am writing this after the fact I am not sure it is complete, and I didn’t realize how much I actually brought so I am quite surprised at the length but this is simply a list for reevaluation in December.


2 Responses to Packing list

  1. Claire

    hmm are you sure that's everything? 🙂

  2. Dad

    I’m just catching up on this list
    I think that’s a good facsimile of what was in those Tumi bags
    You need a winter cashmere coat
    Get to it my dearest !
    Send me the amount you need for that coat
    And a nice lunch in Milan
    You must spend time in every city you pass through