A much needed Fall Break

Posted by on October 22, 2013

I don’t think that fall break could have come at a better time this year.

Its hard to believe that it’s been almost a week and a half since I found out that Martha had passed away and even now it still hard for me to understand. And unfortunately even though it may have felt like my world had slowed down, especially the first few days after getting the news, life and Wofford don’t slow down at all. School is of course in full swing the number of quizzes, exams, and papers due won’t get any better down until December 13th.

Needless to say I was very excited for the break, even if it only consisted of one day off. And more than the day off, I was excited to have the day to spend with my family especially my little sister. AND the State Fair was in town!

Being from Columbia, I’ve been to the State Fair every year for as long as I can remember. But, since getting to Wofford I haven’t gotten the chance to go at all.  I don’t particularly love the food at the fair (though I do LOVE cotton candy and candy apples) and I never ride any of the rides (roller-coasters that are put up in a couple of days and then taken back down don’t sound particularly safe to me) but I still love going to the fair. The buildings are always super fun to go through and I always love looking at all the artwork,especially the student art (which always points out that 2nd graders are more artistic than me).  And this year I went to the Needtobreathe concert with my sister which was a lot of fun.

I also got to go to one of my sister’s cross country races and happened to run into a couple of the girls I use to run with in high school. Additionally I got to bake in a REAL KITCHEN and eat real homemade food! Overall it was just a really nice trip home, and a small break from school work to rejuvenate me enough to power through school assignments. At least until Thanksgiving : )

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